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At Goldbelt C6, we provide System Engineering Lifecycle (SELC) support. We focus on our customer’s needs and user requirements, performing System Requirement Analysis and System Maintenance Development to support lower-level system requirements derived from mission critical and business requirements. This includes validating existing business, mission or user requirements for clarity, accuracy and compliance with the customers overarching requirements documentation; as well as providing lower-level requirements coordination that support the user. We assist with the development, accuracy verification, and management of System Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) documents in accordance with the System Development Lifecycle Methodology; including Software Requirements Document (SRD), Hardware Requirements Document (HRD), Design Specification (SDS) and Interface Design Specification (IDS). C6 performs System Performance Data Analysis by collecting and analyzing data and providing recommendations and/or courses of action to improve efficiencies of system performance. This analysis and these recommendations are used in the sizing and design of computer systems on which existing software operates. During each of these steps, we can back-track and re-evaluate the system, making changes as needed.