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Goldbelt C6 primarily conducts research and development support for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Defense (DoD). We focus on scientific and analytical disciplines and experimentation directed toward increasing knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies and systems and development of operational concepts and tactics. Our laboratory support includes conducting research and forensic analysis of systemic issues in various Critical Infrastructure Programs (water systems, food supplies, etc.). We staff Senior Scientists, Molecular Scientists, Microbiologists, Bioinformatics Specialists, Epidemiologists, Chemists, Toxicologists, and Data Analysts IV, just to name a few.

Goldbelt C6 develops and validates samples of preparation procedures for multi-laboratory method validation studies. Validation of protocols and methods for detection or quantification of contaminants are required to be optimized for Model Laboratory Standards and the Food Safety Modernization Act. We assist and conduct statistical analysis of both qualitative and quantitative results from multi-laboratory method validation studies, and prepare reports, posters, presentations and manuscripts, as applicable.

Goldbelt C6’s R&D specialists have an in-depth understanding of all the issues which are salient to biomedical and clinical research and development. They understand the latest industry trends in clinical operations, biostatistics, bioinformatics, data acquisition and management, compliance and safety. Our research staff has significant biomedical and clinical research experience, including design and coordination of national, multi-site research projects. Specific expertise includes research design, questionnaire/interview design, multivariate data analysis and the development of web-based data query and dissemination systems.

Goldbelt C6 develops, enhances and implements laboratory services, research studies and program management, including microbiology, evaluation and other professional support needed to maintain ongoing programs, implement programs and support accountability and transparency.

Our Microbiology support includes conducting laboratory procedures and processes related to isolation, cultivation, identification, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and systematic classification of bacterial enteric, zoonotic, and mycotic pathogens; assisting and conducting serological, microbiological, and molecular techniques to rapidly identify and characterize such pathogens; and assisting with the implementation of methods and procedures to collect data and conduct experiments and studies, making adjustments in methods and procedures as appropriate.

Goldbelt C6 provides this support under CDC and FDA IDIQ contracts.