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Goldbelt C6 Fights COVID-19 With New STLT Contract

9/22/2020 – Goldbelt C6 is continuing to support the CDC in the fight against COVID-19. The CDC awarded a new $8.3M contract to Goldbelt C6 to aid in its mission to provide support to State, Tribal, Local and Territorial (STLT) jurisdictions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and improve STLT response operations. Goldbelt C6 is supporting the CDC’s efforts to provide proactive, responsive technical support, and to build capacity for testing and analysis to predict transmission patterns and deploy targeted resources to prevent outbreaks. As an Alaskan Native Company, this particular mission hits close to home as we help the CDC support the tribal communities our company represents. We are excited to support this critical STLT task force with training development, epidemiology and data analysis, program management, contact tracing efforts, deployment support in response to hotspots, and public health product/resource management.