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Logistics in the broadest terms is the management of items between point A and point B to meet requirements of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics may include tangible goods such as materials, equipment, and supplies, as well as food and other consumable items. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security. Goldbelt C6 provides this support under our USCG IDIQ contract.

GoldbeltC6 provides efficient, effective, high quality logistic services to customers worldwide that fall within the categories of Acquisitions Management, Logistics Operations, Program Management, and Policy and Critical Environment Contracting Analytics.

We provide strategic advisory and management support for a broad range of objectives to create operational efficiencies that reduce costs while enabling programs to deliver the same or greater levels of effectiveness and mission critical capabilities to its customers. This approach evaluates and analyzes operational costs, processes and procedures, personnel and policies across the organization.

Support provided includes Strategic Advisory Services and Program Management; Strategic Change Management and Communications; Performance Management Support/LEAN Studies; Process Analysis and Continuous Improvement; Workforce Modeling, Planning, and Management; Organizational Effectiveness Assessment and Improvement; Category Management; Supply Chain Management; Warehouse, Inventory, Shipping and Logistics; Operations; and Level of Repair Analysis and Reliability Centered Maintenance.

Organizational Effectiveness Assessment & Improvement

Goldbelt C6 provides support and expertise related to assessing and improving the effectiveness of organizations across various functions such as Acquisitions, IT, resources, and other functions. We facilitate the development of overarching organizational vision and guiding principles and perform baseline organization diagnostic survey and interviews to benchmark results. Goldbelt C6 maps desired roles and responsibilities and recommends organization structure and/or realignment of tasks. We highlight new or changed positions and help develop corresponding job scopes. We identify and establish critical enablers to support the organization, including measures and incentives, information flows, processes, people, and culture. In addition, we provide analytical and advisory consulting support services upon request.

Performance Management Support & Process Analysis and Improvement Support

Goldbelt C6 provides expertise and support in the areas of external supplier performance management and internal organizational performance evaluation and management. We develop management strategies and organizational structures to help improve customer outcomes. We conduct program evaluations and identify key performance metrics and success factors. Goldbelt C6 collects and analyzes performance and compliance-related data and information and identifies mitigation strategies and course correction tactics. We provide expertise and support by evaluating processes, making recommendations for improvement and implementing those recommendations.