System Development Life Cycle Support

The full Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) consists of five (5) stages: Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance. These steps provide a roadmap for developers to follow when developing new ideas for clients.

  • Planning: meet with key stakeholders of the organization to develop a unique roadmap and guide to create systems to control all of the divisions of a company.
  • Analysis: developers analyze the plans created in the Planning phase and create a strategic, best-practice approach to systems development to meet the company’s needs.
  • Design: conception and production of creative design to bring plans to life in a way that successfully and beautifully meets client needs and interacts effectively with the end user.
  • Implementation: our team takes the products designed and begins to implement them into computer systems, creating a customized enterprise-wide system.
  • Maintenance: ongoing maintenance of the finalized systems as they continue to perform to the best of their abilities. Our team will update as needed.

This is a full life cycle –  it is continuous. The cycle eventually circles back into planning to ensure the system continues to meet the needs and requirements of the client and their end-users.