Research and Development (R&D) in Engineering

Goldbelt C6 provides software programming, system engineering, system integration, network, and administrative support services. We deliver innovative quality solutions across a variety of functional areas including project management, system engineering and integration, software development, information assurance, and testing and technical support. Our support extends across the Afloat Systems including systems deployed to the fleet and located within the lab environments at C3CEN, Coast Guard System Acceptance Integration Lab (CGSAIL), and the Maritime Domain Awareness Center (MDAC).

We develop Enhanced Mission C4ISR Capabilities systems; which includes risk management assessments, design, software/hardware integration, system testing, and evaluation support aboard various Coast Guard cutters and in C3CEN laboratories. Laboratory support includes the validation and maintenance of lab hardware configuration, IAW existing electrical drawings, and Computer Oriented Wiring Diagrams (COEDs) and other wiring documents. We used a structured approach to developing system technical requirements during development and analysis that include a formal change process requirement to manage proposed modifications and enhancements throughout the project lifecycle. This analysis determines impact and supports change control board decision-making.