Requirements Management

Requirements Management DiagramThrough Requirements Analysis Goldbelt C6 is able to help our clients to Define, Develop, Execute, and Maintain a Requirements Management and Analysis Capability which will result in a disciplined approach to IT requirements analysis, development, and management scalable to the full scope of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model and sufficiently robust to address the rigor of the client’s core business divisions.

From this Analysis a proposed approach will include but not be limited to externally imposed requirements or mandates; simple procurement requests; materiel and non-materiel capability development requests (projects); engineering and operational change requests; and shall be inclusive of the underlying processes for identifying, validating, documenting, prioritizing analyzing, tracing, and obtaining stakeholder agreement on requirements. Our Approach also addresses the change control processes necessary to maintain the viability of recorded requirements, as well as the means to maintain effective communications on requirements submissions to requesting and interested stakeholders. Further, the proposed approach shall be structured and maintained so as to drive the continued evolution of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) and integrated into IT governance structures, both existing and future.

Requirements management methodologies, processes, and controls defined shall be consistent with Information Technology Integrated Library (ITIL) best practices. Our team will research, identify, and propose an appropriate requirements management toolset which will clearly define the proposed solution and outline a plan for how it will be realized, maintained, resourced, and integrated into the overall IT governance framework. This also allows for forecasting the acquisition and life cycle costs associated with the acceptance of the proposed solution, the capabilities the proposed solution will yield, and the value to the Government such capabilities will provide.

This also helps to ensure that the proposed requirements management approach effectively integrates requirements traceability with and effectively supports the change management processes. Once reviewed with and accepted by the client, Goldbelt C6 is able, in close coordination with the client, execute the approach in a manner consistent with the performance levels established.

  • conduct engineering reviews of all new and existing IT development projects and programs to ensure the comprehensive decomposition of operational, functional, and technical requirements;
  • verify compatibility with Enterprise/IT architecture;
  • remediate interoperability, dependency, and duplication issues among on-going and planned IT projects/programs.

We then conduct requirements assessments with an objective of ensuring net-centric goals for sharing information in a service-oriented environment with the requisite assurance and protection. This support ensures that the architecture fully supports the goals and objectives of the client and that the processes developed may be shared and reused across the information elements within the client’s enterprise.

Effective requirements management depends upon clearly defined roles, responsibilities, associated decision rights and prioritization procedures. To this end, each program component will need to integrate IT requirements definition, management, analysis, and compliance requirements into governance policies, standards, and processes, and shall be responsible for communicating, monitoring and enforcing such established requirements policies, standards, and processes.

The principal outcome of the above tasks will be a populated and maintained requirements repository. The requirements repository will be developed, administered, maintained, and delivered to the Client in a pre-determined format.